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Walkthrough up to Undertaker mission done plus extras. Version .85 - 5/24/08 --Added more missions to the walkthrough, up to Trespass.Version .80 - 5/22/08 --More missions added, up to Dining Out. Added another FAQ question, and updated some sections a little. I was busy celebrating my liberation after finally completing my 4th semester of college so I was only able to add a little bit.With the clock counting down to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, I'm aiming to fill all the missing gaps in the guide and continue to improve it. I just figured I would say that I may forget to respond to an e-mail right away so please understand.Here's what's new today: -Finished Most Wanted section -Added an announcement to Flying Rats section -Added several new submissions -Changed some info for the final missions -Started Stevie's Cars section Version 1.60 - 6/10/08 --I tried to add more but got a little sidetracked, hanging out with friends that I hadn't seen since highschool.I updated Stevie's Cars, as well as added some more submissions.I'm looking to add more, but this Thursday I'm going to a show to see a band named Catherine.Going to shows and seeing bands is just part of my year, every year.

Most importantly, I added information on Vigilante Missions. Thankfully for once, I don't hate all of my classes, just one maybe.

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I decided to remove the big choice questions from the FAQ since they had spoilers, even though I warned readers of them. Chances are I'll add more but both this update and the next one probably won't be added til after the holiday is my guess. Version .95 - 5/26/08 --This was supposed to be the first completed update, but I wasn't totally ready and I have some stuff to do so I can't get around to it. For now the walkthrough goes up to A Dish Served Cold, the first mission of the Revenge Branch.

The rest as well as the walkthrough for the other branch will be added later. Version 1.00 - 5/27/08 --Big update this time, and the first completed version of the walkthrough!

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