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But most of these amendments are well over 100 years old, and today they also need review. By letting the Constitution age to the point of uninterpretability, we have lost control over its meaning and have in effect given the nine justices on the Supreme Court authority to amend it without the people's approval.We don't just have 27 amendments, we have many more, due to the Court's reinterpretations of what the founders probably thought were clear words.Having done a formatting update, we will be used to the idea that the Constitution should speak to our time, which may make it easier to do more substantive amendments as necessary.Here, then, are some suggestions as to how we might proceed.On the platform he lets out a string of invective against his fellow candidates, who – he rants – are not pure conservatives like him. Santorum and his petrified wing of the Republican Party, a symbol of equally petrified old thought.His left arm goes high in the air, waving the bible of his conservatism, the U. Constitution, one of the most radical political documents ever written. It has become Holy Writ, appealed to in the same breath as God himself, who apparently was present in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, guiding the unruly convention toward the ultimate wisdom represented by their proposed constitution. Santorum and his flock: The Constitution is not biblical. It was a compromise disliked by many (Benjamin Franklin, for example).For example, the founders wrote in the First Amendment that "Congress shall make no law..." establishing religion, restricting freedom of speech, etc. 1, 1947), the Supreme Court ruled that the meaning of the first amendment would now change, it was to apply to the states as well as to the feds.They actually meant what it said; this restriction derived from the partition of power between the states and the new federal government, and it was meant for only. This was clearly a major amendment to the Constitution, though no new words were added to it.

Similarly, most of the sections have outdated provisions, some are invalidated by amendments (or probably invalidated – we're not always sure), and some are just irrelevant, like Congress' authority "to grant letters of Marque and Reprisal." c.Nevertheless, they allowed the near-rabble (free, white, land-owning heads of household) to vote for their representatives in the House.We've made many corrections to their early efforts, by way of amendments.My general suggestion would be that we take the matter a little at a time, starting with a formatting phase where there may be broad agreement.We can update the Constitution quite a bit without actually changing any provisions.

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