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The format is simple: Carlson prefers to talk to one person at a time, eschewing the “Brady Bunch” grids that many cable-news shows use to fill the screen with noise and drama.

Often, watching the segments feels like stumbling into a Twitter argument, even though Carlson himself dislikes Twitter.

It wasn’t even enough to alter the public perception of Carlson, who seems like the kind of guy who would wear a bow tie, even when he doesn’t.

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The Great Recession had reminded Carlson that capitalism could be destructive, and that markets could not be counted upon to cure ills like rural unemployment—at least, not quickly enough to help the working-class men who were drifting out of the workforce.One recent afternoon, he settled into a booth at the Monocle, a Washington establishment distinguished chiefly by its proximity to the Senate buildings.He seemed pleased to be accosted by staff and patrons alike, feigning surprise at every compliment.A few years earlier, he had given up smoking—cowed into submission, he once wrote, by “the dark forces of Health.” There is, alas, no substitute for alcohol, but for cigarettes there is nicotine gum, a product that Carlson buys, in bulk, from New Zealand, where it is sold in satisfactorily easy-to-open packaging.He chews constantly, stopping only to be filmed or to eat; he likes long lunches, during which he observes a not-entirely-strict proscription against carbohydrates.

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