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im a good slave, but an even better mistress, i love being really dirty with slaves. Being a slave and owned to a nice master is a great feeling I feel love with my master , I feel I need to give him all what I can with no return Being a slave and owned is a real love feeling I do things I am asked to No limites to my master He knows I am owned by him I... I do everything within my abilities to make her life enjoyable. I will tell you that it doesn't represent the people who are in the lifestyle. W/we've done the breakups, the moves, the dramatic goodbyes, the impossibly good times, laughter, tears, and love. id perfer to do this over text, with photo conformation, but... The intensity of learning to let go , well to be honest, when you have been vanilla all you life and in total control of every aspect, it is... She does everything she is able to do make me happy and is obedient in all things. I have see alot of new comers to the lifestyle because of the movie. this slave has been seeing it's Master for the last six years. hello i am from london i am really looking forward to be a full time master for a slave who is willing to obey my needs and insterest. My Master asked me if I would do nything for his love I answered yes dad I would he then asked me if i would die for him I answered yes I woke on life support two days later my Master now knows that there are no limits and regrets asking me I'm fully devoted loyal and would die... I thought I lost him coz we haven't been chatting for 2 days now. it would be nice to react with others who share the same KINKY relationship as I do... I'm very new to this, yet it feels as if I was born to be in this role. After I was in relationship with my first affair "Mr Lee", like addiction, to be met more often and sex often. (these labels obviously mean different things to different people). My name is maigal Kajira meaning beautiful slave I lived with my sexy master for six under his loving hands we were very hot and erotic he was in a relationship with a woman but me and my master proved to be inseparable much to her dislike i was to take over her place as... W/we know W/we are each other's match, but W/we haven't been able to find a formula for preserving our... After being recently divorced I met a wonderful man who very quickly became my Master. He tells me I'm his slave for life yet he may be moving soon... I am a Dom Master Owner interested in female subs or slaves for a D/s or M/s and O&P lifestyle.

Designated the Department of Foreign Affairs, (an Act of September 1789 changed the name to the Department of State), the new Department was established to help the President carry out his constitutional responsibility for conducting the U. Under Treasury Department regulations of July 29, 1864, it established "freedmen's home colonies" to provide employment and welfare to assistance to freed's a great difficulty for you : find yourself a girl willing to voluntary enter into servitude for life, wherein she will live in a cage, when not wanted, wear a nappy/diaper 24/7, only **** on command into the nappy through the fingers I have inserted, only **** once a day... Him being master me not liking punishments but pushing him to the point that he needs to punish. i've been told that i am very good at it since my Dominant side is built with in my personality rather than being forced... Anyway, we talked tonight and I opened up about not being sure if he was upset at all with me about something. I am looking forward to this journey with him, and I am excited for the time we will spend together. After a few month, we did sex in his office, my office and inside car... My so called "Master" took advantage of this M/s and made me send sexy pics to him as an order. My Master and I are building an empire of thirteen slaves and rebuilding our dungeon Mmmm biting my lips I just want to play with the slaves in our new dungeon with the whips and chains if I be naughty he will spank me Mmmm but I think its what I been looking for a long time my master is new as well he said he always wanted to be a master and have in control. We met on a dating site and he told me about a book he read about a Master and a slave and that he wanted that kind of love and commitment. Master and I have been going back and forth for days now. that i get into i am normally the Dominant one and so i decided to dress the part. i am looking for a slave that will desire my all need. the other day was my fault and this morning was his. I have been blessed to have found a wonderful, loving, caring Master. I am in a Master/Slave relationship for 4 years now ((( off & on ))) This is the first time I have written about it in any kind of forum. My husband provides for me emotionally and physically. When he comes home at night the house is clean and his dinner is on the table. Because he was living with his wife and I was living with my son, we always go hotel to make love. I gave in, I thought maybe it's something I wanted. I have just let my current slave go, and i am looking for another one. whether it's worth keeping all my old experiences, let alone writing stories for them =O It wasn't a Master/slave relationship anyway, more of a Master/sub relationship - these things can (and will) be whatever the people involved need and want them to be, and nobody needs to... i learned in the past year of my life that everything that i have been told was just the half truths and people not admitting to the darker sides of life , the more thrilling and exciting things. I was just owned by my Master John recently through Facebook. The first one will always be something to remember. I have been involved with the lifestyle for over 16 years.He is coming to spend the weekend with me and he said this weekend he want to find out how my pain tolerance is. He said things that was new to me and at first I thought he was a psycho and...

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