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Most importantly digital mammography has the ability to better detect cancers of the breast due to the high resolution of the images.This increased image resolution is an especially important advantage for women who have large or dense breasts. The Art Sopt studio provides excellent art instruction and music lessons to the people of Tricities and the surrounding communities.The Art Sopt is dedicated to providing a professional level of instruction in a wide variety of music & art to both adults and children.If a woman has a family history of breast cancer or other high risk indications talk to your healthcare provider regarding when you should start getting annual mammograms. There is no film – all images are stored on a computer.The x-rays are converted into electrical signals and produce higher quality images which can be viewed by the radiologist in more detail.

We offer year-round classes and variety of workshops for adults and youths/teens.Art Spot Studio has a nice space to display different sort of art and media.Every 4 weeks Art Spot is open to have a new call for local artist’s exhibition.Recently the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommended that women at high risk (greater than 20% lifetime risk) should get a breast MRI in addition to mammogram every year. Petitti DB, Calonge N, Le Fevre ML, Melnyk BM, Wilt TJ, Schwartz JS; U. Breast Cancer: Early Detection is Your Best Protection While October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to keep up on advances in the detection and treatment of breast cancer all year long.Most insurance companies have adopted this recommendation and provide coverage for this exam.

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