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When this image was shared in the Facebook group I’m in, more than one woman responded that they’d seen similar references on more than one profile: NB- I tried to get examples of women doing this to men on dating sites/apps, but no one I knew had any, nor did any friends who asked around on my behalf.

It’s not firm evidence that women don’t send inappropriate messages, but I’m willing to bet it’s less common!

Basically men in their late 40’s and early 50’s detailing their sexual fantasies to a stranger.

I read through this Buzzfeed post full of screen grabs from “nice” guys using dating apps and social media, often to talk to women they want to go out with. It took me about 30 seconds to know he wasn’t someone I was interested in- his profile listed things like car racing, football, cars, watching football and car shows as his interests.

Think about it, what does it say about their attitude to women in general?

Here’s a couple more collected from some awesome women from a Facebook group I belong to: Rude and clueless doesn’t quite cover it.

He told me that wasn’t really a good enough reason and that I should give him a chance. He came back with a long message about how I should at least meet up with him because he was a good guy and women just wouldn’t give him the time of day and what was my problem, anyway?

Couldn’t I see what a nice guy he was even if we didn’t share common interests? I couldn’t see anything nice in a guy that didn’t understand or accept ‘no’.

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