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Pono Choices, while claiming ‘abstinence,’ gently pushes — in some cases shoves — children towards sexual activity.

Pono Choices describes situations where an ‘abstinent’ teen girl is on the pill.

Teens are considered homeless if they run away and are: Many teens run away from home to escape physical or emotional abuse.

These teens are treated differently than those who run away simply because they want more freedom or dislike the rules imposed by their parents.

In Virginia, for example, a teen is considered a runaway if he leaves home "without reasonable cause." So a teen who ran away because he was physically abused would have reasonable cause for leaving home, and would be classified as a child in need of supervision, rather than a runaway.

Instead of being returned home, the teen would be placed with another family member, adult friend, or a foster or group home.

Pono Choices offers little to no information on sexual harassment, Sexually Transmitted Infections, their symptoms and consequences or single parenthood.

If the Department of Education and UH Center for Disability Studies stands so strongly behind Pono Choices, they should implement an ‘opt-in’ policy, as opposed to an ‘opt-out’ policy when it comes to their sex-education program, while making the entire curriculum readily available for review.

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The laws regarding runaway teens differ among states.

It also includes teens discussing living together or being sexually active after a few weeks of dating, homosexual relationships, and condom demonstrations (described as a ‘critical health skill’).

Children are informed where they can receive free condoms and that there is no age requirement to obtain them.

You may also join if all your children are below compulsory school age.

You may join at any time during the school year, and your membership is valid until June 30, 2018.

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