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I have read it numerous times and each time I love it. - Pickles - Jan-14-2012 Awwww I want me some more Mother Earth. This is an amazing story, exactly what we expect from these two. - Anonymous - Sep-19-2009 This story rocked in a way that held me captive until I finished reading and now waiting patiently until it continues. Thank you - Amy - Sep-20-2009 I am in physical pain from the grief of finishing this story! The only thing missing is a sequel - Anonymous - Oct-09-2009 What an enjoyable story from begining to end! - Anonymous - Jan-06-2010 What an exceptional story. I've always loved Sci F, and this is one of the best I've read. - Anonymous - Jun-06-2011 One of the best science fiction stories I have read in fandom. Imaginative, well rounded characters with depth, action, humor, angst..story has it all. - Pat - Apr-10-2013 I had begun this story several times and was not sure if it would be for me. The romance between Jess and Dev is sweet and develops in parallel to the characters' emotional intimacy. - Aerynmet - Jan-21-2014 This is simply amazing storytelling! - Anonymous - Jan-19-2016 I started and then stopped this tale several times. - Anonymous - Sep-02-2016 I've read this before and just now read it again. A wonderful tale that I am sure I'll be back to revisit. - Anonymous - Oct-03-2016 In this sequel to "Tropical Storm" and "Present Under the Tree" we join Dar and Kerry again after their Christmas break as they try to keep their personal relationship separate from their professional one. - Linda aka cygirl1 - Jan-25-2008 Very excited here! Characters are well-developed; action is intense and suspenseful. She has a way of grabbing you from the staet and never letting go. Without all the recommendations, I seriously doubt if I would have taken the time to read this story. Now, I am left speechless by how amazingly good this series is, and touched beyond words that the world of Fan Fic has made it possible to share in the dreams of someone who has gone on before us.

I read the whole series 2 days straight and I'm obsessed. Also, loved the expanded and openly tolerant view of "family". - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jan-10-2010 Everyone should read this wonderful author. You don't need to be a STV or Sci Fi fan to enjoy this fantastic series. Amazing plot, great characters, always love a strong warrior but enjoyed the inner strength of Salomen. - Anonymous - Feb-25-2012 So glad to see this series published. - Anonymous - Mar-11-2012 Stron wraiting great story! Reyna Merris is one of the best characters ever in fandom and beyond. I admit, I like more intimate detail (think Sharon L. NOTE: Check out Calli's artwork for Partners - it's a great cover for your ebook! - Anonymous - Mar-18-2015 Melissa Good's stories are totally awesome.- 12/28/15 - Deb - Dec-28-2015 Great plot and characters. I did finally read it and have since returned to reread several times. And if this wasn't difficult enough, an old acquaintance of Dar appears on the scene, with only one aim in mind - how to cause as many problems for the executive VP as possible. Job well done - sassy123 - Oct-26-2010 IMHO, Melissa Good writes the best Xena fan fiction on the Internetz. - Anonymous - Jan-24-2008 Fantastic Action/Adventure Writing! - Anon - Jan-24-2008 This story/update had me on the edge of my seat. Did a little victory dance when I was saw the new posting...!

The books were out of sync so I always come back here. I've read them to my whole family kids and all, it's very sophisticated, raw and pure so that all ages can enjoy. The only thing I feel confused about is that I thought Dar's boss' name was Les not Alastair, not sure where that name came from. - colorado fan - Apr-03-2013 I absolutely loved this! I have played Mass Effect & while it enhances this story, you don't have to be familiar with it to still enjoy this. Thanks - Anonymous - May 6th, 2004 Kim and Alexa are a great writting team. and here comes the spoiler: Dagny is the greatest girl in the world :) thank you, bards. i guess i should have taken english lessons instead of making out during the holiday - braniac - Jan-09-2012 This has got to be my favourite story on this site!

- JC - Nov-25-2007 Great series by Melissa Good.... - Fan - Apr-11-2008 Great story so far..the link is broken after 2. [Editor's note, you can find links to all her story chapters here: - Hoqoq - Aug-22-2008 Wonderful Series, read it all!! I tried every combination I could think of to no avail. reading this most delicious piece has made me, an addict, and like a junkie I have to demand my fix, where is the sequel of this beauty of an EPIC??!!! This fast paced adventure into the underworld was one hell of a ride worth taking. As a recent college graduate, I could totally appreciate the setting and situations of the characters. Kim and Alexa have a way with unfolding a story with natural progression that's refreshing and enjoyable. THIS story really touched my heart, i've enjoyed the playfulness of the characters, it was like looking back smiling and crying ( we used to go swimming every weekend too,so you've touched something buried deep inside me ). They soon realize that there is more behind the search for the treasure of the Pharaoh than they thought at first... - Leonitis - Oct-03-2016 Lots of twists and turns and threading plots through the eye of a needle. it really is amazing to have such a compelling story with such incredibly complete characters who seem utterly realistic. I'm at a loss of words to describe such a talented writter. And I'm voracious enough of a ff reader to have stumbled upon various stories of that fandom. But be sure to have secured enough free time for that because in my experience those are read in one sitting stories. I certainly felt as if the writer was able to create very real situations that draw the reader in-- and her dialog is done very well, although sometimes it isn't clear who says what. Jess and Dev's continuing adventures as Jess deals with the consequences of her fathers plans, and Dev faces the thing she fears the most. Very impressive writing with an equally impressive cast of characters. it is by a long way my single favorite piece of fiction here or anywhere. I was so into the story that i even read part of it at work! - memetricote - Oct-31-2010 quite possibly one of the absolute best ubernovels out there. Great plot, amazing characters, exceptionally well written. I know the usual canon couples as well as different original characters in this 'verse; among them all those series are without a doubt one of the best in my mind. She really could use a beta reader to tidy up, help with sentence structure. If you're looking for a complete story, look no farther than this series because it has everything, love, drama, passions (not always the good type! With the help of Melinda, she discovers a mysterious amulet in London. I loved all the characters and I hope more people will take the time to read this..won't disappoint. - Anonymous - Dec-26-2008 Loved the story and would really love to read a sequel. - Ginger - Dec-28-2008 A must read for all gothic horror fans. Without a Front is a great story and I fell in love with the characters and the story. - Susanneke - Jun-08-2010 This is the most fantastic scifi - well crafted and addictive. - bookgeek - Jun-12-2010 Extraordinary craftsmanship in an intriguing story. One of the things that I find most attractive are that the personages keep being developed, and not only in the expected direction, far beyond the point of mere introduction. Very well written and like that escalation in Kathryn and Raynas relationship. - Xena Lives - Sep-19-2011 Great sequel to Tropical Storm. - Arassar - Jan-23-2008 Every time I think I've read the best story in this series, the next part comes along and it's my new favorite! Together with Mel's fiancé, they go on an adventure, leading them to Egypt. - Anonymous - Dec-25-2008 This was an amazing story.... There is a bit of every genre and make sure you buckle your seat belts for a rollercoaster ride. I've read Without a Front multiple times now, and have only just recently begun to appreciate the superb attention to detail that must've gone into creating such a society -- and then to populate the story with fascinating, complex characters who make you care about them? Fletcher De Lancey is a wonderful writer, and Without a Front would be at home on any top-fiction list. - Kate - Aug-04-2010 i liked this one better than even the voyager series. i've reread it several times and the depth of the story and quality of writing holds up every time. - reader - Oct-28-2010 wow have to leave a message because this was simply an amazing story. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and immersing myself in their world of emotional 'fronting'. Though no Voyager fan myself, I was quickly won over by the good and original writing. This book really allows the reader to feel the connection between Dar and Kerry. - JJ - Sep-01-2014 I find this story to be exceptional as far as plot and in-depth development in not only the characters, but the major situations in the story.

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