Adult chat paswords

It's just fun," says Shweta Pahujani, 19, a fashion designing student. "Ever since that b**ch in my class blocked me from her Facebook list, I took my best friend's password to check her account for that girl's updates. &%*#$..." details a livid Aakriti Menon, 16, a class XI student.Another curious case is of photographer Ayesha Sharma, 22, who feels that sharing passwords with her friend is important.

I'm not doing this ever again in a relationship," rues Shivam Singh, 20, a law student. I'm breaking up However, some people might suffer a breakup only because they did not share their passwords.When downloading titles to a mobile device, you will need to enter your PIN if the content is rated R21 or exceeds the PIN protection level on your account.You will not be required to enter a PIN to play a TV show or movie offline once you have downloaded it.' "We know each other's passwords and I love to scan every single chat of his.Somehow, it gives me peace of mind to know that he is loyal to me.

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